Spotlight on Kevin Rodgers, Nautel’s New CEO


What happens when a thriving company’s Director of Customer Service, Kevin Rodgers, takes over as President and CEO? The focus on the customer – which is already very strong – becomes even more intensive.

In addition to being a shareholder and board member of the company for many years, Kevin has long had “boots on the ground” in terms of the day-to-day operations of the company, especially when it comes to Nautel’s customer-driven processes. Kevin has been with Nautel for three decades, most recently serving as Director of Customer Service, where he grew the department to what it is today.

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Customer Service Survey


In April, 2014, Andy Berry joined the Nautel support team as Manager, Customer Service. An explorer at heart, Andy has a passion for discovering new ways of enhancing the customer experience.

In this article, Andy outlines the results of a recent Pulse Survey he conducted to check if customers really are enjoying the peace of mind that our brand promises.

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Spotlight on Nautel Founder Dennis Covill; Member of the Order of Canada


Nautel founder Dennis Covill has been appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada for his contribution to engineering and science. A pioneer in the transmitter industry, Covill used revolutionary technologies to design transmitters with smaller footprints, capabilities for redundancy, hot-swapping of modules, and other technologies now considered “basic” to the transmitter industry. Read the story behind how Covill created a culture of engineering excellence at Nautel, now one of the world’s leading companies in its field.

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Major Investment Positions Nautel for Future Success


Nautel launched an extensive upgrade to production equipment at its Bangor, Maine manufacturing facility. These improvements help improve efficiency and capacity and poise the company for significant future growth. Decisions like this have allowed Nautel to nearly triple revenues and dramatically increase shipments in the past few years while maintaining the same factory footprints.

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FAA Alaska Selects Nautel ATU-HP for Three Locations


The Alaska Region of the FAA purchases ATU-HP equipment from Nautel for installation at St. Paul Island, Deadhorse and Point Lay, Alaska. Approximately 85% of FAA Alaska’s NDB equipment is Nautel.

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High-Power, LF Terrestrial Complement to GNSS/GPS


Many government and civilian organizations around the world are studying the problem of what to do when Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) based services are unavailable to provide Positioning, Navigation, Timing, and Data (PNT&D) information to public and private sector users.

In a research paper submitted by Nautel & UrsaNav Inc. to NAV10, we propose LF solutions that meet not only the FAA’s APNT requirements but also less stringent requirements from other modes (e.g., time and frequency, maritime, land-based, and mobile).

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