Nautel Enhanced Loran Transmitter to be Deployed in Korea

Land based eLoran provides critical position and timing information when GPS/GNSS satellite signals are jammed or spoofed.

Nautel has received a significant order for an enhanced Loran transmitter from UrsaNav of North Billerica, MA. UrsaNav will provide Nautel eLoran transmitter technology together with UrsaNav’s timing and control system, to the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Oceans Engineering (KRISO). Their contract to supply an eLoran Transmitter Test Bed System in the Republic of Korea represents the first phase in a larger program to upgrade Korea’s Loran-C stations to be the foundation of a sovereign Enhanced Loran (eLoran) Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) service.

Many critical infrastructure sectors including maritime, aviation, electrical distribution, telecommunications, finance/banking, and digital broadcasting rely on accurate time and position data. The Nautel/UrsaNav solution provides an alternative to space-based navigation and timing signals, such as those used for GPS which are easily jammed or “spoofed” to provide inaccurate information. Instead of low power satellite signals, eLoran uses high power radio waves from land-based transmitters to send positioning and timing information to receivers on ships, aircraft, vehicles, and critical infrastructure. eLoran’s service is complementary to satellite services, such as GPS, and helps ensure continuity of operations.

“The robust land-based signal of eLoran is a key vital element in ensuring national security,” said Nautel President and CEO, Kevin Rodgers. “Nautel’s innovative transmitter, when paired with UrsaNav’s advanced timing, control, and receiver technology, will be a cornerstone of a system which combines satellite and terrestrial elements to ensure the reliability of navigation and timing services.”

The KRISO Test Bed System uses the NL40, one of Nautel’s NL Series of navigational transmitters. NL Series transmitters are capable of eLORAN operation in power levels up to one megawatt. “Future-proofing” for the next generation of LF signals, waveforms and modulation techniques is built-in along with exceptional pulse stability and enhanced control. Having unmatched levels of efficiency and redundancy, and a small footprint, the NL40 is the most sophisticated, fully solid-state, eLORAN transmitter available.

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