Nautel Wins 2012 Canada’s Passion Capitalists Award

Business News Network (BNN), November 9, 2012

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A Passion Capitalist is a leader or organization that has achieved long term success by creating Passion Capital; the energy, intensity, and sustainability needed to generate superior results. It’s what enables small start-ups to compete with large multinationals, and large multinationals to stay relevant over time. Passion Capitalists are guided by a strong set of values and beliefs that form the basis of a distinctive culture that fuels their performance. They are courageous; often having to overcome significant obstacles. They build strong brands anchored by their culture, which guide their strategies, the people they hire and promote, and the way they operate.

NAUTEL LIMITED [Excerpt from Financial Post Editorial – Sat, Nov 10, 2012]

In 2007, radio broadcast transmitter maker Nautel had just invested heavily in new staff, branding exercises and developing new product lines when the recession hit and paralyzed progress. Rather than take the reactionary approach of cost cutting and layoffs, it continued to move forward, driven by a compulsion to ensure none of its 11,000 customers in 177 countries ever felt abandoned.

Nautel’s new CEO, Peter Conlon, decentralized decision-making, providing greater autonomy to customer-facing support staff, giving them a greater sense of ownership over the organization and their role within it. The result has been a quadrupling of market share and a repositioning of Nautel as a top industry player.

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