UrsaNav Accepts Delivery of First Production Nautel NL40 eLoran Transmitter

GPS World, November 19, 2013

UrsaNav’s President, Charles Schue, shown accepting the transmitter from Nautel’s President, Peter Conlon.

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After extensive Final Acceptance Testing at Nautel’s Hackett’s Cove, NS facility, UrsaNav has accepted delivery of the first production NL40 Loran-C and Enhanced Loran (eLoran) transmitter. This seventh-generation Loran transmitter technology is the culmination of more than six years of collaborative development between the two companies.

The transmitter successfully met or exceeded all of the requirements of the U.S. Coast Guard “Specification of the Transmitted Loran-C Signal.” Testing was conducted into a simulated antenna matching the characteristics of a U.S. Coast Guard “standard” 625-foot top-loaded monopole. The NL-Series transmitters are capable of transmitting Loran-C, eLoran, Chayka, and eChayka in any combination at power levels exceeding one megawatt. They are qualified for today, and prepared for tomorrow, UrsaNav said.

“Resilient PNT begins with complementary technologies, layered one upon the other in such a way that the user is ensured improved continuity of operations over a sole-source solution,” said UrsaNav President Charles Schue. “eLoran is the terrestrial co-primary complement to GNSS, and our technology makes eLoran the most economical, efficient, and wide-area alternative when GNSS is not available.”

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