Nautel Takes Customer Support to the Next Level With Remote Installation and Optimization Assistance

Nautel’s new Remote Install and Remote Transmitter Optimization services are designed to speed the installation, commissioning and optimization process for transmitters.

NAB 2011, Booth C1314

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia — Nautel Limited has announced a new strategy to support time-strapped broadcast engineers with even more powerful diagnostics and remote operation tools for the company’s line of Radio transmitters. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of the company’s Advanced User Interface (AUI), available with all NX, NV and VS Series transmitters, Nautel is now offering a service that can shorten installation time and ensure optimal operation of these transmitters.

“Remote Install” and “Remote Transmitter Optimization” services allow a support expert at the Nautel offices to view a customer’s transmitter settings and remotely make adjustments to complete site installation or optimize the performance of the Nautel transmitter. “All that is needed is an internet connection to the transmitter,” said Kevin Rodgers, Nautel Director of Customer Service. “The customer sets up a secure shared view of the transmitter with Nautel and we complete the setup and optimization from our offices. In many cases the nominal fee can easily be paid for several times over with the efficiency improvements that may be realized.”

Rodgers noted that the benefits of the AUI extend well past the installation and optimization process. “The AUI gives engineers the ability to access hundreds of parameters both at the transmitter site and remotely, which can cut down on trips to the transmitter site or allow senior staff to remotely guide an onsite technician through maintenance duties,” Rodgers said.

More than 1100 AUI enabled transmitters have been deployed worldwide.

“We are still investing in our AUI technology, bringing even more capabilities to its already impressive list,” said Peter Conlon, Nautel President and CEO. “Innovations such as playlists, schedulers and automation are being added to the AUI this year to bring even more capabilities to the VS Series. We are interested to hear our customers’ suggestions for this valuable tool as well. As with other Nautel products, the AUI and our expanded service options are ways you can Expect More with Nautel.”

About Nautel

Nautel is a global leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of high power Radio Frequency (“RF”) products for AM and FM broadcast, navigation, industrial and space-based applications. With more than 10,000 transmitters deployed since 1970 for AM and FM broadcast, communication systems, navigation applications and warning systems, Nautel continues to lead the way in providing valuable new solutions for digital radio broadcasting and other applications. Thousands of customers in more than 177 countries have discovered that Nautel delivers world class RF solutions – systems that meet stringent quality standards at its ISO 9001-2008 registered manufacturing facilities.

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