Nautel Wins Award as One of Top 3 Businesses in Halifax

The Metro Halifax Business Awards celebrate the best and brightest in the HRM business community. Nautel was recognized as one of the top 3 businesses in the Halifax Metro Area.
Nautel Limited

Nautel is a rural Halifax success story within the knowledge economy sector. The company has experienced significant profit and staff growth in the past year as it has branched out from its traditional analogue broadcast transmitters to the digital broadcast market. In its expansion to digital broadcast, Nautel has developed technologies which greatly enhances the technical performance of digital radio stations and now supplies it to other manufacturers. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company builds products that are easy to install, operate, maintain and service. The technical support department is considered the best in the industry. Nautel has added staff in both engineering and manufacturing over the past year and now employs over 150 people in the region.

About Nautel

Nautel is a global leader in the manufacture of AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters, navigational radio beacons, Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) transmitters, medium frequency (MF) telegraph and NAVTEX transmitters, and high frequency (HF) amplifiers for dielectric heating applications. The latest innovation in broadcasting is digital radio. HD Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) are the greatest revolution in radio broadcasting since the introduction of FM. Nautel is a key player in this latest phase of radio broadcast technology, producing transmitters that are fully compatible with all digital transmission methods. Thousands of customers in more than 170 countries have discovered that Nautel delivers world class digital radio solutions – systems that meet stringent quality standards at its ISO-registered manufacturing facilities.

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