Nautel and Burk Technology Provide Serial Interface for Remote Control

Bangor, ME and Littleton, MA (March 29, 2005)

Nautel and Burk Technology have partnered to deliver the OneConnect™ interface, which provides a direct serial link between Nautel transmission equipment and Burk Technology’s GSC3000 transmitter remote control system. OneConnect allows broadcasters to fully integrate remote monitoring and control of the Nautel V10 transmitter with the GSC3000 using a single serial connection.

Peter Burk, president of Burk Technology, said the core objective of OneConnect is to make integration easy and efficient. “Combining OneConnect with Nautel’s serial interface can save the broadcaster hours of wiring, configuration and documentation work. It also eliminates the hardware needed for traditional wiring interfaces, so it’s cost effective and saves space in the equipment rack.”

“Powerful…simple. This remote interface gives you the same control at your PC as standing in front of the transmitter- all with a simple serial connection. The perfect complement to HD radio!” said Mike Woods, Nautel’s FM Project Leader.

OneConnect provides the broadcaster with a specialized graphical user interface for controlling the transmitter. Engineers at Nautel utilized the tools in Burk’s Lynx 5 software to provide more detailed troubleshooting information, such as amplifier operating temperature. OneConnect also allows unprecedented remote control of the transmitter. Anything the broadcaster can do from the transmitter can be done remotely using OneConnect.

The user also has the option to develop a unique interface and to combine transmitter control and ancillary equipment management in the same display.

The OneConnect interface is part of Burk Technology’s G-Link™ G-Bus Expansion Series line, which utilizes the GSC3000’s G-bus to add new capabilities to the transmitter remote control system. G-Link products will be on display at Burk Technology’s NAB booth N3602. Nautel is hosting a live demonstration of OneConnect and the V10 transmitter at booth N2811.

About Nautel
Nautel has earned an international reputation as a leader in the design and manufacturing of exclusively solid state radio transmitters. Since 1969, customers have put Nautel’s transmitters in the field for AM broadcast, FM broadcast, and navigation assistance applications. Nautel products can be found in more than 160 countries, on every continent, and in climates ranging from arctic, to desert, to jungle.
Nautel is a licensed manufacturer of HD Radio transmission equipment and is an active member of the DRM Consortium.

About Burk Technology
Burk Technology is celebrating its twentieth year providing transmitter remote control solutions to TV and radio broadcasters all over the world. Solutions include the ARC-16, VRC2500 and GSC3000 transmitter remote control systems and a complete line of site monitoring accessories. Burk is a UL-certified ISO9001:2000 facility.

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