Nautel Celebrates 45 Years

Promoting a philosophy of “Continuous Improvement”, Nautel focuses on updates to existing products as well as new product lines.

Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia — Nautel Limited is celebrating 45 years in business with a theme of “Continuous Improvement” of its products and services.

Founded in 1969, Nautel’s focus from the start has been robust, reliable, solid-state transmission equipment, and has maintained tight quality control throughout by keeping the design and manufacture of products under the company’s own roofs in Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia and Bangor, Maine.

After 37 years of operation, the company began a rapid expansion in product development and support programs under the direction of Peter Conlon, hired in 2006 as President and CEO. Conlon quickly expanded his team of engineers, sales and support people to help achieve his vision for company growth. “Our vision was not simple, but our strategy was,” said Conlon. “We wanted the best people in the industry and we did what was necessary to bring them on board.” The first wave of new products was rolled out in 2007 with the launch of the NV40 and NX50 digital transmitters. These products were followed in rapid succession by expanded NV and NX lines, the Exporter Plus and Importer Plus, the VS Series, the analog-only NVLT series, NT transmitters for LPTV and this year’s announcement, the GV Series of high-power FM transmitters. At the heart of these products is Nautel’s award-winning Advanced User Interface, which offers unprecedented levels of control and monitoring to users.

Conlon said new product development is only part of the Nautel story, however. “To be focused on Continuous Improvement, we can’t sit on our laurels with our existing products,” he said. “We are constantly looking at ways to improve the experience for our more than 12,000 customers. Rolling out new functionality to existing customers carries a significant development effort and cost, but it’s the right thing to do for all of those people who have made a commitment to us by purchasing our products.” Updated firmware for NV, NX and VS Series transmitters was recently released, and the company recently launched Nautel Phone Home, an advanced customer support program that allows the company to proactively assist customers with troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs.

Nautel’s focus on development and support has manifested itself in the company’s sales figures. “More than 40% of Nautel’s total shipments since our inception have taken place in the last 7 years,” said Conlon, “and 8 of the top 10 revenue-producing radio broadcast operations in the United States are Nautel customers. We’re honored that all of these stations have chosen to put their trust in Nautel, and we are continuing to work on ways to retain that trust and keep moving forward with exciting innovations for broadcasting.”

About Nautel
Nautel has emerged as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of broadcast transmitters. With more than 12,000 transmitters deployed in over 177 countries since 1970, Nautel continues to lead the way in providing valuable new solutions for digital broadcasting and other applications.

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