Nautel Limited Announces Peter Conlon as CEO

Experienced Executive Joins Nautel to Guide Company’s Next Phase of Growth.

February 13, 2006

Nautel Limited announced today that Peter Conlon has joined the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Conlon brings many years of experience building shareholder value in the telecommunications industry. As the former CFO of Positron Fiber Systems Corporation (“PFS”), Mr. Conlon played an instrumental role in driving the business that resulted in PFS being acquired by RELTEC Corporation in 1998 for $200 million. Prior to PFS, Mr. Conlon was a key member of the executive management team at Newbridge Networks Inc as the Vice-President of Finance, Operations and Planning for the North and South American business regions. Most recently, Mr. Conlon has been providing business financing and market expansion assistance to small and medium sized companies in the United States and Canada.

“Nautel is an excellent company that has demonstrated that it can compete effectively in global markets. Its products are of the highest quality and it provides a level of service to its clients that is world class,” said Peter Conlon. “I am very excited to lead the Nautel team as we enter our next phase of growth.”

“Nautel is pleased to have an executive of Peter’s caliber on our team,” said David Grace, Chairman of the Board of Nautel. “With his extensive background in market-driven companies and his leadership experience, we are setting the foundation in place for significant growth in an exciting marketplace.”

Nautel Limited

Nautel Limited is a global leader in the manufacture of medium wave AM and FM radio broadcast transmitters, navigational radio beacons, Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) transmitters, medium frequency (MF) telegraph and NAVTEX transmitters, and high frequency (HF) amplifiers for dielectric heating applications. Thousands of customers in more than 170 countries have discovered that Nautel makes simply the best engineered transmitters – systems that meet stringent quality standards at its ISO-certified manufacturing facilities.

The latest innovation in broadcasting is digital radio. HD Radio and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) are poised to become the greatest revolution in radio broadcasting since the introduction of FM. Not only does a digital signal deliver very high quality audio, it also provides incredible efficiency. In fact, a digital broadcaster can serve a broadcast area using only 1/100th of the power needed with analog (AM and FM) broadcasting. Nautel is a key player in this latest phase of radio broadcast technology, producing transmitters that are fully compatible with the digital transmission methods being used around the world.

Nautel is big enough to offer cutting edge technology, but small enough to take care of every customer’s needs. Understanding customers’ requirements allows Nautel to design products that suit the exact specifications of each customer.

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