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Approximately 85% of FAA Alaska’s NDB equipment is Nautel.


Nautel’s NDB Systems offer:

  • Constant field strength output
  • Automatic resistance matching
  • Sophisticated graphic user interface
  • Dual (main/standby) configuration
  • Synthesized exciter with DDS technology
  • Extensive automatic fault monitoring
  • Extensive remote control and monitoring
  • High overall efficiency (70% or better)


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Antenna Tuning Units

FAA Alaska Selects Nautel ATU-HP
for Three Locations


In February 2008, due to the catastrophic failure of their existing ATU, the Alaska Region of the FAA elected to purchase an ATU-HP from Nautel for installation at St. Paul Island, Alaska in April 2008. This new generation ATU was selected for its compatibility with and support of the incumbent Nautel ND2000 transmitter – approximately 85% of FAA Alaska’s NDB equipment is Nautel.


The Nautel ATU-HP at FAA site, St. Paul Island, Alaska.

Based on the performance of the ATU-HP at St. Paul Island, the Alaska Region of the FAA purchased two additional units for Deadhorse and Point Lay, Alaska. These were installed in September 2010, flight checked in March 2011 – delayed due to darkness – and are operating trouble-free to date.


Deadhorse, Alaska (left) and the Nautel ATU-HP at Deadhorse FAA site (right).

Nautel adds… After extensive research into the most common antenna-related field issues, the ATU-LP and ATU-HP automatic antenna tuning units were developed to:

To learn more about the development, testing and functionality of the ATU-LP and ATU-HP automatic antenna tuning units please read more in the following white paper Engineering the All Weather Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU)

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