VR125/250 125W/250W Vector Series Non-directional Radiobeacon Transmitter

Since introducing the world’s first totally solid state, high power radiobeacon in 1970, Nautel has supplied the highest quality and reliability in non-directional radio beacons. The most recent Vector Series Transmitters and Antenna Tuning Units continue this heritage and provide a dramatic improvement in system coverage.

Highlights include:

  • Sophisticated graphic user interface (GUI) for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Available in single or dual (main/standby with automatic changeover) configurations.
  • Synthesized exciter uses advanced DDS technology to produce highly stable RF drive at the desired operating frequency.
  • Extensive automatic fault monitoring, with 256 event log, for faster troubleshooting.
  • Extensive remote command/control and monitoring for fewer site visits.
  • Remote control and monitoring of the ATU to limit worker exposure to strong RF fields, in keeping with Safety Code 6 / IEEE C95.1-1999.
  • Optional control/monitoring of NDB.
  • Compliant with the specifications and recommendations of ICAO Annex 10, Vol. 1, Part 1, Section 3.4.
  • CE certified.
  • High overall efficiency (70% or better) results in low power consumption and reduced operating costs.

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Sophisticated GUI for Easy Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Located on the front panel of the transmitter, the GUI allows for set-up, control and monitoring of the NDB without the need for a local computer or laptop.

The extensive built-in automatic fault monitoring, self-test (BITE) and 256 event log is easily accessible via the GUI for faster troubleshooting.


Remote Control & Monitoring of ATU to Limit Worker Exposure to Strong RF Fields

The ATU may also be controlled and monitored via the GUI to limit the operator’s exposure to the strong RF field of the antenna in keeping with Safety Code 6 / IEEE C95.1-1999.




Extensive Remote Control & Monitoring for Fewer Site Visits

Remote command/control and monitoring of the NDB transmitter and ATU is available via the optional VR-Link remote control and monitoring system. System diagnostics and access to the 256 event log are also available via the VR-Link.

The VR-Link hosts a web page that can be accessed by any standard web browser so no special software is required at the remote PC/laptop. Remote connectivity options include RS-232, RS-422, leased-line, dial-up, radio and GSM/GPRS modems, and Ethernet.


Optional Control/Monitoring of NDB

The Site Interface option provides control and monitoring of other equipment and sensors (smoke, fire, intrusion) located at the NDB site.

16 optically isolated inputs and 16 dry (relay) contact outputs allow for easy interfacing. Control and monitoring of these inputs/outputs are available remotely via the transmitter remote control and monitoring system.


High Overall Efficiency (70% or better)

The use of Class D RF amplification and Pulse Duration Modulation (PDM) techniques results in low power consumption and reduced operating costs.

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