This course provides an overall understanding of the underlying principals, techniques and equipment used in today’s NDB and DGPS transmitter installations.
It is designed for electronics technicians or technologists who do not have previous experience working with this type of Navaid equipment.
The 3 day course is divided into eight separate modules, any of which may be deleted to suit particular student requirements.

Training modules included in Nautel’s Beacon Basics Training Course include:

System Operating Principals (¼ day / 2 hours)

This module describes the purpose, use and limitations of beacon transmissions for both non-directional beacon and differential GPS systems. Topics covered include:

Basic RF Concepts (¼ day / 2 hours)

This module introduces the fundamentals of RF theory and provides a foundation for understanding their application to practical circuits. Topics covered include:

Amplifiers and Networks (½ day / 4 hours)

The Amplifiers and Networks training module builds on the concepts presented in the Basic RF Concepts module and introduces amplifiers and RF networks. Topics covered include:

Modulation Schemes (¼ day / 2 hours)

This training module introduces the modulation techniques used in radiobeacon systems. Topics covered include:

Transmitter System Measurements and Troubleshooting (½ day / 4 hours)

This module introduces practical system measurement and troubleshooting techniques and discusses the various pieces of test equipment recommended for use at the site. Topics covered include:

Antenna Systems (½ day / 4 hours)

This module introduces the fundamental requirements of antenna systems used for LF/MF transmission. A Nautel spreadsheet which can be used to calculate antenna parameters and estimate the useful operating range is included. Topics covered include:

Antenna Tuning Units (¼ day / 2 hours)

This module identifies the basic function of the antenna tuning unit and compares several techniques focused on maintaining stable radiated power during extremes of environmental conditions at the transmitter site. Topics covered include:

Site Configuration for Optimum Performance (½ day / 4 hours)

This module explains a technique of configuring the transmission site to minimize the risk of equipment damage or personnel injury caused by lightning energy. The same technique also minimizes the potential for site instability caused by undesirable return paths for the antenna current. Causes and procedures for avoiding RF radiation hazards are also discussed. Topics covered include:

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