US Military RFI Reflects Growing Interest in eLORAN

IHS Jane’s Airport Review, 01 February 2015, Wes Carleton Continue reading →

South Korea Relaunches Its eLoran Program [Nautel NL Series eLoran transmitter to be purchased]

Inside GNSS, January 27, 2015, by Glen Gibbons Continue reading →

Augmented Reality

OceansTech (Progress), 2014 Vol 3 No 1 Continue reading →

The Low Cost of Protecting America

GPS World, January, 2014, by Dana A. Goward Continue reading →

UrsaNav Accepts Delivery of First Production Nautel NL40 eLoran Transmitter

GPS World, November 19, 2013 Continue reading →

UrsaNav Accepts Delivery of First Nautel NL Series eLORAN Transmitter

Seventh-generation LORAN transmitter with advanced capabilities now in production at Nautel. Continue reading →

Researchers Steer Off Course to Show Potential Power of ‘GPS Spoofing’

New research shows the GPS software we all rely on can be hacked and manipulated. In June, a team at the University of Texas employed “GPS spoofing” to disorient the navigation system on a luxury yacht. Jeffrey Brown talks with Todd Humphreys, the researcher behind the projects, along with technology analyst Milton Clary. Continue reading →

ACCSEAS Resilient PNT Demonstration

This film demonstrates the impact of GPS jamming on a ship’s navigational systems and the benefit of resilient PNT.
Continue reading →

Governments Confront Rising Threat to Ships from Signal Jamming

Hartford Courant; Business, May 30, 2013, by Jonathan Saul Continue reading →

Nautel Partner UrsaNav Acquires Megapulse

UrsaNav Makes Strategic Move in Alternative PNT Technologies. Continue reading →

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