GPS Backup: Is eLoran the Answer?

Avionics Today, April 12, 2012, by Callan James Continue reading →

UrsaNav Tests eLoran, LF Timing Potential

Inside GNSS, March 26, 2012 Continue reading →


eLORAN and UrsaNav: Timing Is Everything

GPS World, March 14, 2012, by Don Jewell Continue reading →

UrsaNav Testing Wide-Area Timing Alternative

GPS World, March 5, 2012 Continue reading →

UrsaNav Testing Wide-Area Timing Alternative with NL Series

UrsaNav Inc. has begun testing a wireless technical approach for providing a wide area-precise time solution using Nautel’s NL Series data capable LF PNT transmitter technology at the former USCG Loran site in Wildwood, NJ. Continue reading →

Nautel Announces On-Air Demonstration of Next Generation Enhanced LORAN Design

Innovative enhanced Loran (eLoran) transmiter design offers breakthrough space efficiency, power, reliability, affordability and modulation flexibility to support future eLoran system development. Continue reading →

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